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We maximise your return and minimise your investment risk in Tech Startups by making sure you have all the data needed to understand the main part of what you're buying: the software IP.

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Technical Due Diligence for Investors

Our Technical Due Diligence package provides an in-depth analysis of the software IP of the company you’re interested to invest in, making sure it matches the startup’s statement of completeness and quality.

As a result, you, the investor, are safeguarded against the risk of costly, hidden surprises and can achieve the most favourable investment terms.

We also help you set a product delivery blueprint to ensure the software IP you are investing in can scale, be correctly supported and that the startup has an appropriate staffing plan to underpin future growth.

Our Technical Due Diligence report adequately equips you to accurately assess and determine the real value of software whilst understanding the ongoing cost to develop it in line with your business model.

Our technical due diligence team are experts in General Data Protection Regulation, Software Engineering, Information Security, Quality Assurance and Agile Product Delivery and we use our in-house methodology for executing technical due diligence and assessing delivery team health.


  • Validate the IP is what the investee has stated it is in terms of completeness and quality

  • Ensure the most favourable financial terms for you as an investor

  • Eliminate the risk of costly, hidden surprises that may materialise post-investment as a result of poor technology choices and team process

  • Empower your investee’s management team for success

  • Ensure return on your investment


IP maintenance

Complex to maintain software and teams that can't do it lead to hidden costs, delayed releases and missed revenue.

IP Security

Understand whether the software presents a security, and therefore potential reputational risk.                   

Software Dependency

Does the company actually own the IP? Does the software rely on risky open source or third-party proprietary components?

IP Scalability

Software that can't grow with the business will lead to unhappy clients, poor client retention and reputation damage.

Software vulnerability

Software that is poorly hosted or has infrastructure or coding vulnerabilities exposes you and your investment to reputation damage

GDPR compliance

If the software is handling personal data but it does not comply with  GDPR, you are at risk of large fines and reputation damage.

Software quality

Are software defect logs reviewed, and is good practice in place to manage quality through digital product development? Lack of good quality assurance practice and management of technical debt leads to poor customer retention, reputation damage, and more costly and protracted delivery cycles. Software quality is essential for growth.

Technical debt

This is about the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of a better approach that would take longer. The trade-off for early delivery may affect software quality, maintainability, security, scalability or extensibility. It's costly to remedy, so good software architecture and development team processes are critical.

Team Health Check

We will assess the capability and mix of the development team(s) working on the software IP to ensure they are best placed to continue to develop the software. Thus you can address any development team challenges immediately and with insight and help grow your investee’s team to consistently deliver quality products on time.

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