Tech Startups

A Tech Start-up thrives or dies with its products. If the product is robust, answers a clear market need and can scale rapidly, you’re in for a good ride.


We, at Value Associates are here to make sure this happens.


Our expertise, developed in the last 20 years from first-hand experience in the Tech Startup world caters for each of the main players in this domain.

Here’s what we can do for you:


We minimise your investment risk in Tech Startups by making sure you have all the data needed to understand the main part of what you're buying

Software IP

Our Technical Due Diligence package provides an in-depth analysis of the software IP of the company you’re interested to invest in, making sure it matches the startup’s statement of completeness and quality.

As a result, you, the investor, are safeguarded against the risk of costly, hidden surprises and can achieve the most favourable investment terms.

We also help you set a product delivery blueprint to ensure the software IP you are investing in can scale, be correctly supported and that the startup has an appropriate staffing plan to underpin future growth.

Our Technical Due Diligence report adequately equips you to accurately assess and determine the real value of software whilst understanding the ongoing cost to develop it inline with your business model.

Our technical due diligence team are experts in General Data Protection Regulation, Software Engineering, Information Security, Quality Assurance and Agile Product Delivery and we use our own in-house methodology for executing technical due diligence and assessing delivery team health.


Our expertise, developed in the last 20 years while leading and working alongside Tech Startups is focused on a main topic:


We help you scale your products and revenue

We help you understand how to strategically scale digital products and delivery teams, build a strategic roadmap, and oversee product development on your behalf. We can also assist you with product positioning and detecting early revenue streams.

We help you scale your processes and systems

When you get that next round of funding you need to scale up quickly. You may need elements of corporate processes and management systems that were not necessary in the earlier days. We help you implement the elements of structure that you need,  as you need them, to ensure you can retain your creativity and drive while continuing to grow.

We help you scale your people

Our 'founding team support programme' incorporates innovative elements of executive coaching combined with specific expertise to help you as a founder, and your immediate team, make sure you can cope with the added pressure and responsibilities that are brought on by a rapidly growing business.

For Investors

Technical due diligence is the essential process of reviewing software IP to:

  • Understand how simple the IP is to technically maintain - software that is complex to maintain and teams that aren’t positioned well to maintain software will lead to hidden costs, delayed product releases and missed revenue targets

  • Determine whether the IP will scale well when your client numbers increase - Software that does not scale well, will lead to unhappy clients, poor client retention and reputational damage

  • Identify the software’s dependencies - Does the company actually own the IP? Does the IP rely on risky open source or third party proprietary components?

  • Understand whether the software presents a security, and therefore potential reputational risk

  • Software that is poorly hosted, has infrastructure or coding vulnerabilities exposes you and your investment to serious reputational damage

  • Determine if the software is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - If the IP is handling personal data, and it does not embody GDPR, you are at risk of large fines and reputational damage

  • Identify if the quality of the software is good - It is essential software defect logs are reviewed, and good practice is in place to manage quality through digital product development. Lack of good quality assurance practice and management of technical debt will lead to poor customer retention, reputational damage, more costly and protracted delivery cycles. It is essential software quality is taken seriously as this will lead to growth inline with your strategy and associated, increased revenues

  • Unearth technical debt - Technical debt is a concept in software development that reflects the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer. The trade off for early delivery can be serious and will likely affect software quality, maintainability, security, scalability or extensibility. Technical debt can be costly to remedy, so good software architecture and development team process are of critical importance to ensure your financial and product goals as an investor

  • Check Team Health - We will independently assess the capability and mix of the development team(s) working on the software IP to ensure they are best placed to continue to extend the software moving forward. This is essential so that you can address any development team challenges immediately and with insight and help grow your investee’s team to consistently deliver quality product on time

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If software IP is at the core of your next investment, don’t leave things to chance.

Through execution of deep technical due diligence prior to closure of your investment, you will:

  • Validate the IP is what the investee has stated it is in terms of completeness and quality

  • Ensure the most favourable financial terms for you as an investor

  • Eliminate risk of costly, hidden surprises that may materialise post investment as a result of poor technology choices and team process

  • Empower your investee’s management team for success

  • Assure return on your investment

"Value Associates assisted us with a sensitive, technical due diligence exercise to uncover the completeness and quality of high value, digital medical IP. Their approach to digital forensic analysis, knowledge, professionalism and final report surpassed my expectations and has informed development of ground-breaking new HealthTech IP.

Manoli Vaindirlis - Investor

For Tech Startup Founders 

Here’s a list of some of the specialised skills we bring to the table:

Product Scaling

  • Technical Debt review

  • Delivery Velocity review

  • Core development team health check

  • Quality Assurance

  • Information Governance compliance (e.g. GDPR) 

  • Cyber security compliance

Revenue Scaling

  • Market assessment

  • Competitor analysis

  • Advise on product positioning

  • Help to identify tender opportunities for your product

  • Tender writing and support

Process & system scaling

  • Analysis of exiting processes AS IS

  • Design of new processes to answer growth requirements TO BE

  • Help with implementation of the new processes

  • Design of a management operating system that allows you to keep control on your business (KPIs and reporting tools, forecasting and planning systems)

  • Structuring roles and responsibilities in line with new process and business model 


People Scaling

  • Executive coaching for founders and immediate management team

  • Help with personal wellness and managing stress levels

  • Change management and training